Witch's House
In a small little house at the end of the woods lives three sister witches. Credits goes to Johannes Helgeson who gave me the concept art.
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Xellyr Spider
A low-poly game creature. The low-poly mesh was done in 3ds Max and the high-poly mesh was sculpted in Mudbox and then used to generate the Normal Map. I created the DirectX shader myself with the help of ShaderFX. This is a screen grab from the 3ds Max viewport with my shader.

Xellyr Spider - Wireframe
Shows the wireframe of the low-poly mesh on top of the Normal Mapped details.

Medieval Cabin - Front
A medieval/fantasy cabin with hand painted textures. Optimized for game engines, very low-poly and memory cheep thanks to small tileable or mirrored textures. Polycount: 1 235 triangles

Medieval Cabin - Back