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Small but reliable community for 3ds max users. My nickname here is Nanne.
Game Artist Forums
Community for artists with a focus on video and computer games.


Game Sites

Great site for information about new or old games with videos, screenshots, articles reviews and a lot more. My nickname at the community here is KristofferHel.
High quality videos and trailers of upcoming games. They also have very nice and informative video reviews of popular game titles.
Zero Punctuation
Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is a game critic who takes apart a new game every week and harshly and—somewhat—constructively criticise the game and its creators. All is colourfully illustrated with funny comic-style animations; very entertaining. Check out a new episode every Wednesday.



Johannes Helgeson
One of my class mates from the university of Skövde, a very skilled concept and texture artist.
Iona Rosin
A very talented and inspiring game designer and my programming tutor during my first year at the University of Skövde.