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Finished Work: The Back Alley

Category : Finished Work · No Comments · by Oct 15th, 2010

Tada! :)

The Back Alley

I started this project over a year ago but ran out of time to finish it. However, I found myself with quite a lot of spare time recently – I guess that’s one upside of being unemployed :P

One extra fun aspect of this project was to figure out how to use the Cloth Modifier in 3ds Max to place the fabric on the wooden poles. I really like this modifier; very advance yet easy to get started with :)

I’m currently stuck with my laptop with only 2GB of RAM thus I wasn’t able to render the whole scene in one go, with all the displacement going on. Hence I had to break up the rendering into different passes with each building separated. I then composited it all together using Eyeon Fusion. Blimey, pre-multiplied alpha can be a real bitch! :P I had to delve deeper into this, and experiment with ways of getting around those ugly dark or white halos. So far I’ve made steps forward but I sense there is much more to discover on this, somewhat, confusing subject – but I’m always keen to learn ;)

Cheers mates!

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Finished Work: Animation Project

Category : Finished Work · No Comments · by Sep 20th, 2009

So it finally finished, and I’m very satisfied with the result :) But one step at the time. My next step was add the breakdowns. Breakdowns are used for defining the motion and cleaning up the interpolation between the extremes. Here it is with added breakdowns.

After that I switched over to the Straight Ahead method rather then Pose to Pose in order to add Secondary Action, Follow Through and redefine the Inbetweens. Also I started to work on the Facial animation, not a very easy task I tell you! :S He is talking very fast and at only 24 fps there was only about 2-4 frames per word to work with. But I think it turned out pretty well :)

But ‘nuf said, here is the end result – enjoy!

Feel free to comment and suggest improvements so that I will evolve as an animator :)

Cheers Mates!

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