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Hello World!

Category : Miscellaneous · No Comments · by Jul 30th, 2009

Welcome to my Computer Graphics Weblog, or CG Blog for short.

It finally happened, I took the time needed to get this blog up and running and it only took about a billion year to integrate it with my existing home page and get it to look the way I wanted. Some margins and padding looks a little strange in Internet Explorer but it all looks good in Firefox 3.5 – and that’s what matters ;)

I will use this blog for posting work in progress and experiments within 3d; e.g. fluid and physics simulations. Material that isn’t suitable for the portfolio gallery in other words. I’m hoping that I will have the time to write some reviews of games and software scripts as well. There are a lot of scripts out there for 3ds max or Maya that are really cool and useful. I’m hoping to share some of my favourites with you all.

I will also share links and videos regarding computer graphics and video games, anything I find inspiring I will share – “sharing is caring” :)

So stick around or stop on by from time to time and take a look, it couldn’t hurt. 8)

Cheers mates!