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Silence at Zero-Nine

Category : Game Projects · No Comments · by Sep 3rd, 2010

It’s finally here, what you all been waiting for (some of you perhaps not knowingly)! A few months ago we were preparing for the final school project for our last year. A few of us teamed up determined to make a game – and made a game we did indeed.

Research Station 09 in deep space

Research Station 09 in deep space

Find out more and try it out yourself!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Category : Games · No Comments · by Sep 6th, 2009

Bioware and LucasArt are working on a new MMORPG called Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now, ordinarily I hate MMO’s, because they are all the same – that is dull and boring with a lame combat system that makes organizing files and folders on your desktop seem like revolutionizing game play in comparison. And the quests are usually beyond boredom; kill a billion of creature in order to collect their tails, or whatever. But surprisingly only about 10% of them have got a tail apparently, forcing you to become a mass murderer and practically hunting the species to its extinction. I once spent three bleeding hours in a dungeon in Lineage II grinding monster in order to get the hold of five bloody crystals, I never been more bored!

However I have much respect for Bioware and you know that when these guys sink their teeth into something, it is going to come out good! Now I’m not saying that this game is going to change me into a MMO-player over night but I think that I might actually enjoy playing it… for a while. For one thing they put a lot of effort into the story with cinematic, voiced over conversations in-game. No more mutes standing around like tree trunks handing out quests on paper :P More so they have also integrated a cover system into the combat and thereby making combat look pretty interesting, rather then a stressful workday in MS Excel.

Check out this 20 minute Developers Walkthrough over at

Well as I said this MMO actually looks pretty fun, and I might just give it a try :) But until that day I will at least continue to check for videos on their progression.

Hope you all enjoyed this video, cheers mates… and may the force be with you, always!