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FX Experiment #008: Rain Effect using Wet Maps

Category : FX Experiments · No Comments · by Apr 25th, 2013

I haven’t posted anything in a long time here, because I have been very busy. But here’s another FX Experiment I’ve been fiddling with this week.

I first discovered Wet Maps when plying around with Glu3D a couple of years ago and I wanted to find out if you could create that natively in 3ds Max. As it turned out, you can!

I used 3ds Max’s Particle Flow, Mesher and Render To Texture to create the animated sequence of Wet Maps. I then blend between a dry and a wet material using the Blend Material with the Wet Map sequence as the mask. The wet material also has an additional animated Noise Map to give the illusion of water flowing along the surface. No plug-ins was required for this, it is all just standard 3ds Max tools. Max is awesome :)

I hope you liked it, cheers!