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Disney: Quality before Quantity!

Category : Research · No Comments · by Dec 7th, 2010

I was watching this short clip regarding the making of Disney’s new movie ‘Tangled’ and one thing in particular caught my attention:

“An animator here at Disney will produce anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds of animation… per week(!)”

- Byron Howard, Walt Disney Animation Studios

It gives an interesting perspective of how much effort and energy is put into the making of one of these pieces of art :)

Just for fun… lets put some maths to this :P

If one week is 40 hours and the animator is animating 5 seconds and each second is 24 frames, then:

(24 fame per second * 5 seconds) / 40 hours = 3 frames per hour

In other words the animator is spending an average of 20 minutes on each frame to get it right! :)

Check out the clip for yourself.

Cheers mates!