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WIP: The Back Alley – Part 2

Category : Work In Progress ยท by Nov 7th, 2009

I finally got some time over to pick up where I left of with this piece. So I’ve been working with unwrapping and texturing for now. Texturing is something I really need to improve on. But I found some nice tutorials on the net that should give me some tips and tricks :) Check out my collection of Photoshop links here.

I also tried out TexTools 2.9 and it’s a really nice tool. It adds a lot of new features for unwrapping in max. They don’t always work or perhaps I just haven’t figured them out yet, but I still like it alot. Try it out, now! :)

Here’s the new update:

The Back Alley

The Back Alley

Comments and critique is always welcomed! :)

Cheers mates!