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FX Experiment #005: Nuking a city

Category : FX Experiments · by Nov 29th, 2009

I always wanted to nuke a city… you know, CG wise! :P So I did a quick test with Particle Flow and Box#2 (PhysX) to figure out a way one could go about achieving such an effect. Anyway, here is a  rough render with a simple city built out of lots and lots of boxes; 16,130 to be precise.

My viewport struggled to display all the boxes but PhysX had no problem calculating the physics for me, which was very nice. And I finally figured out how to use motion blur with Particle Flow, that’s been bugging me for quite some time until now.

Next step will be to build some houses and pre-fracture them and then use those instead of boxes, add some particles for dust and debris and of course a huge mushroom cloud…