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FX Experiment #005: Nuking a city

Category : FX Experiments · No Comments · by Nov 29th, 2009

I always wanted to nuke a city… you know, CG wise! :P So I did a quick test with Particle Flow and Box#2 (PhysX) to figure out a way one could go about achieving such an effect. Anyway, here is a  rough render with a simple city built out of lots and lots of boxes; 16,130 to be precise.

My viewport struggled to display all the boxes but PhysX had no problem calculating the physics for me, which was very nice. And I finally figured out how to use motion blur with Particle Flow, that’s been bugging me for quite some time until now.

Next step will be to build some houses and pre-fracture them and then use those instead of boxes, add some particles for dust and debris and of course a huge mushroom cloud…


3ds Max used in the production of Roland Emmerich’s 2012

Category : News · No Comments · by Nov 28th, 2009

During the production of Roland Emmerich’s apocalyptic disaster film 2012 Autodesk’s 3ds Max was used extensively to create very impressive visual effects. Here are some screenshots I grabbed from a “Making of” video, were you can see 3ds Max on the artists’ monitors.


3ds Max with a dark UI colour, showing the ruins of Las Vegas in wireframe.


3ds Max on the left monitor.


3ds Max on the left monitor, with some fluid simulation it looks like(?)


3ds Max on the left monitor with black viewport colours.

Check out the video and read the article here: Special Review: 2012 Film. The Making of. HD Video

The company behind the VFX is Uncharted Territory, LLC.

A new plug-in for 3ds Max called volumeBreaker was used to smash buildings and roads to pieces.

volumeBreaker is a volumetric geometry fracturing tool that will instantly create sub-geometry within any mesh – geometry that perfectly fits together and fills any given volume. With volumeBreaker Cebas brings a Hollywood quality destruction tool to 3ds MAX. volumeBreaker was developed in consultation with, and to meet the very exacting demands of, VFX artists working on multi-million dollar movies – because of this, volumeBreaker truly is a production proven tool.

The tool is being developed by cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGY Inc. and you can read more about it here:

Now, ain’t that cool? ;)
Cheers mates!

My first MAXScript! Nanne’s ViewportColourSwitch 0.1

Category : MAXScript · No Comments · by Nov 27th, 2009

Big day today, I’ve just wrote my very first MAXScript ever! :D

Its function is very straight forward; it allows you to quickly toggle between the standard grey and pitch black colour of all the viewports.

The black viewport makes it easier to see particles when working with Particle Flow and the standard grey is my preferred option when working with other stuff. So this is simply an easy way to toggle back and forth between workflow.


  1. Put the file in your 3ds Max Startup Script folder (e.g. “…3ds max 2010ScriptsStartup”
  2. Start or restart 3ds Max
  3. Go to Customize -> Customize User Interface…
  4. In the Category drop-down list select Nanne’s Scripts
  5. Assign the script to a hotkey, a toolbar, a quad menu or a menu; it’s up to you
  6. Start toggling!

A special thanks goes to Marco “KIT” Brunetta over at for helping me with some of the code :)

Anyway, feel free to try it out. You can download it here: ViewportColourSwitch 0.1

I’ve just added the script on, so soon I will become famous, hehe :P Check it out here:

Cheers mates, and don’t forget to comment! ;)

Awsome Particle Effects synced to music!

Category : Inspiration · No Comments · by Nov 25th, 2009

This is just amazing! Probably the coolest use of particles I’ve ever seen… or something like that. Matthias Müller is the genius behind this and it is absolutely brilliant!

It is done in 3ds Max with Particle Flow and the following plug-ins; FumeFX from SitniSati, Particle Flow Tools: Box #3 Pro by Orbaz and renderd with Krakatoa from Prime Focus.

Check out some other cool stuff Müller has done here:

One day I will be able to create awesome things like this, just you wait and see! ;)


WIP: The Back Alley – Part 2

Category : Work In Progress · No Comments · by Nov 7th, 2009

I finally got some time over to pick up where I left of with this piece. So I’ve been working with unwrapping and texturing for now. Texturing is something I really need to improve on. But I found some nice tutorials on the net that should give me some tips and tricks :) Check out my collection of Photoshop links here.

I also tried out TexTools 2.9 and it’s a really nice tool. It adds a lot of new features for unwrapping in max. They don’t always work or perhaps I just haven’t figured them out yet, but I still like it alot. Try it out, now! :)

Here’s the new update:

The Back Alley

The Back Alley

Comments and critique is always welcomed! :)

Cheers mates!