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WIP: Animation Project – Part 2

Category : Work In Progress ยท by Sep 11th, 2009

The blog is going strong, I have TWO confirmed readers! :P So this post is dedicated to them.

My project is moving along nicely and so far every thing is going according to plan. For the last few days I’ve been working on the Extremes in the animation and I’ve refined some of the key poses to what I believe to be better ones :) By the way, the Extremes are poses that defines direction and changes in direction in the animation. Here is the result with the Extremes added and all tangents in the Curve Editor set to Linear instead of Stepped, allowing me to preview the transitions between Key Poses and Extremes. This makes the animation much smoother and gives a good overview on where I need to create my Breakdowns (os Passing Positions) later on.

Next step will be to add the Breakdowns, refine the Inbetweens and add Follow Through and Secondary Action. And that is lots of fun :) I’ve printed out a paper with the 12 Principles of Animation worked out by Walt Disney and his animators back in the 1930’s and I have it beside me as a reminder of what to work with. It helps alot to keep track on what to do and improve the animation :D

Here is the time schedule

Thursday – Basic Idea and Storyboarding
Friday – Animatic, Key Poses and Rough Animation in FlipBook
Saturday – Key Poses in Maya
Sunday – Key Poses in Maya

Monday – Extremes and refining Key Poses
Tuesday - Extremes and refining Key Poses
Wednesday - Extremes and refining Key Poses
Thursday - Breakdowns and Inbetweens, Secondary Animation

Friday - Breakdowns and Inbetweens, Secondary Animation
Monday - Modelling Props (Alien, Knife and Room), PowerPoint Presentation
Tuesday - Facial Animation
Wednesday – Facial Animation
Thursday – Facial Animation, Final Tweaking, PowerPoint Presentation

Hope you enjoyed this, see you in a couple of days for more updates.

Cheers Mates!

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