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WIP: Animation Project – Part 1

Category : Work In Progress ยท by Sep 7th, 2009

We’ve started a new project in school that will be running for two weeks. The goal of this project is to animate in Maya and I’m going for character animation :)

I’ve downloaded the audio file for last month competition from and I’m going to animate a free, pre-made character rig called Max for Maya. So I will spend all my time on animation and don’t bother with character modelling, texturing and rigging.

Here is my time schedule for this project.

Thursday – Basic Idea and Storyboarding
Friday – Animatic, Key Poses and Rough Animation in FlipBook
Saturday – Key Poses in Maya
Sunday – Key Poses in Maya

Monday – Extremes and refining Key Poses
Tuesday - Extremes and refining Key Poses
Wednesday - Extremes and refining Key Poses
Thursday - Breakdowns and Inbetweens, Secondary Animation
Friday - Breakdowns and Inbetweens, Secondary Animation
Monday - Modelling Props (Alien, Knife and Room), PowerPoint Presentation
Tuesday - Facial Animation
Wednesday – Facial Animation
Thursday – Facial Animation, Final Tweaking, PowerPoint Presentation

So far I’ve defined the Key Poses (the storytelling poses) in FlipBook and made an Animatic/Rough Animation that I use in Maya as a guide for posing my character. Very nice workflow, thanks goes to Jason Ryan for introducing this method to me, check out his webinars here. As well as Richard Williams for his work on The Animator’s Survival Kit, very handy book for animator wannabes ;) It is also available as DVDs: The Animator’s Survival Kit Animated.

Here is the FlipBook Rough Animation.

Here is the first blocking of Key Poses in Maya.

Stay tuned for updates, there’s still eleven days to go!

Cheers mates!

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