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FX Experiment #003: Maya Fluids Basics

Category : FX Experiments ยท by Sep 5th, 2009

I had a go at fluids in Maya just to check it out. It was a lot of variables to play around with and I found it much more complicating then FumeFX for 3ds max.

I was impressed by the real-time preview in the viewport that was fairly accurate. And it was cool that you can have the simulation running while you alter the variables and see the changes immediately. However I’m guessing that this isn’t the case with heavier simulation, but still.

Here is the tutorial I used to get started It isn’t the best tutorial I’ve ever red, it got this “monkey see, monkey do” kind of approach. You are told to punch in different values in different fields without any explanation of what the numbers means, you kind of have to figure that part for your self. But still, it got me starting so have a go if you’d like.

Cheers mates!