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Finished Work: Animation Project

Category : Finished Work ยท by Sep 20th, 2009

So it finally finished, and I’m very satisfied with the result :) But one step at the time. My next step was add the breakdowns. Breakdowns are used for defining the motion and cleaning up the interpolation between the extremes. Here it is with added breakdowns.

After that I switched over to the Straight Ahead method rather then Pose to Pose in order to add Secondary Action, Follow Through and redefine the Inbetweens. Also I started to work on the Facial animation, not a very easy task I tell you! :S He is talking very fast and at only 24 fps there was only about 2-4 frames per word to work with. But I think it turned out pretty well :)

But ‘nuf said, here is the end result – enjoy!

Feel free to comment and suggest improvements so that I will evolve as an animator :)

Cheers Mates!

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