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Self-unwrapping polygons; Ptex from Walt Disney Animation Studios

Category : News ยท by Aug 25th, 2009

Walt Disney Animation Studios are working on a new method for unwrapping polygon meshes, and the idea is to not unwrap them at all! They call it Ptex (Per-Face Texture Mapping) and it automatically unwraps all the quad faces of a subdivided mesh. This saves artist a lot of time when they don’t need to spend time with unwrapping, eliminating texture stretching and texture seams; it is all done automatically.

This technique has already been used Walt Disney Animation Studios in their production of Bolt (2008) and is supported in Pixar’s RenderMan renderer.

Here is a short abstract regarding this technique and you can read the entire paper here (.pdf). And here are some slides (.pdf) from EGSR. And here is a video demonstration form YouTube: